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I’m just a girl, well actually I’m a grown, adult, 30 year old woman (lol) who is working through a few (well, a lot more than a few) issues right now and I want to share my voice with all of you who know the struggle or wonder about the struggle.

So a little about what has me in tears these days: I was molested as a child, raped multiple times as an adult, had thoughts so disturbing that I refuse to speak them aloud, and basically been screwed over by life more times than I can count. My brother passed away in a car accident and he was what kept me together growing up. This blog is my last shred of hope as I try to pull my life together into something worth fighting for.

I’ve been diagnosed with Major depressive disorder (with recurrent episodes), Generalized anxiety, Binge eating, (and I’m just waiting for PTSD to be handed down). Oh, and did I mention the beginnings of arthritis developing in my upper back and shoulder. A large amount of my pain is psychosomatic, so when I’m feeling okay, my back feels okay. When I’m not okay, nothing can help the physical pain.

So I’m dealing as best I can and writing it all out because my journal and a cup of tea are the only things that help stop the flow of tears.

You are welcome to pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea, and follow my journey to help myself and the struggle to get the outside help that I so desperately need. Let’s cry it out together…


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